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Body Armoring

Tactical and Ballistic

Body Armor



We use tough ballistic fabric which are better suited for ballistic protection and are used both in soft body armor applications such as personal protection ballistic vests, and as robust reinforcements for a variety of hard armor applications, racing helmets, ballistic helmets, spall panels, ballistic blankets and electronic housing protection.  Also has been used in many industrial type applications.

Pictured above is the inside of a mold being cast. Tired of the same traditional armor thats on the market today for your personal protection needs, such as paint balling, sparring, tactical etc?  We take the layers of ballistic fabric and insert, and infuse those panels right on the inside of the final casted product.  Whether it is chest, arm, legs, or back pieces.  We can customize and tailor to your specific needs.

The final look can be based off of our original designs, or yours.  Be creative!


Mask & Mold Making

For our complete listing of our products visit our shop on ETSY

Mask Making
Mold Making

Molding Process

Casting Process


We use Ultra-Cal, and Hydro-Cal molding compounds, both are non-toxic.  Molds are simply a stone replica  made off of our completed original sculptures.  We can make simple block molds to complicated inner outer core molds using the latest industry standards.


We cast our products using several mediums.  We prefer RD-407 Latex Rubber.  RD-407 is the highest quality casting latex available for mask making, prop making and slush molded prosthetics. It features a quick skin build-up, excellent detail reproduction and a fast demold.  RD-407 comes as a naturally viscous material that yields a stretchy but durable rubber upon curing.